My name is Naphtali (naf-tuh-lee) Marshall, but most refer to me as Naph. I am a graphic designer originally from Santiago, Chile but call Chicago, USA home for now. My wife, little one, and I have lived here for four-plus years now and absolutely love discovering everything it has to offer. We have a heart for other cultures and love to travel.

I have a passion for music and am active in it. I love soccer or the real name, futbol. Sushi making has become my latest hobby and it’s been a joy to explore. It’s edible art, and it’s delicious. My view of coffee is best described by what Native Americans called it, “black medicine water.” Finally, my faith defines who I am and how I live my life.


The Bio

I’m a multi-cultural, bilingual creative that’s been designing for over a decade, but I’ve been a creative my entire life. I believe that in order to truly be creative and think or act against the norm you have to retain a child-like sense of curiosity and risk-taking. If you start with that kind of a foundation you can go any direction. I’ve chosen to hone and refine my curious risk-taking self in to a marketable strategizer and creative director that works well within the constraints of brands both in the B2C and B2B markets.

“I’m not interested in just making something look good.
I want it to translate to an experience that engulfs the user.”

I love creating. I love being part of the inception of an idea that will lead to something that will come to life and have a voice of it’s own. I love thinking outside the box and pushing the boundaries until they break. I love challenges because they create a need for a solution that more often than not, you have to wrestle with in order to reach that break-through moment. That moment is beautiful.

Growing up multiculturally has added to my mix of inspiration and played a major role in my creative process. This has been essential to how I create and learn. My eye is rarely 100% satisfied because I’m constantly seeking perfection in the work I’m involved in. I’m motivated by the experience the user will ultimately have both visually and functionally, because I’m not interested in just making something look good. I want it to translate to an experience that engulfs the user.

My experience has led to working with a wide range of brands. Everything from startups to international names which include National Geographic, GE Healthcare, Hefty, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Milwaukee Tool, Chicago Tribune, Northwestern University and Samsung. I want to continue pushing boundaries, creating from inception, and experiencing those “break-through moments.”